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Sky Mind
Sky Mind
recuperated paint and detritus from artists' studios
16 ft. x 30 ft.

Image Credit - Photovalie Noguer

October 13-16, 2020

Sky Mind was realized for my exhibition, Painting with Air at the Centre Walter Benjamin in Perpignan, France.

Born out of the flow of large sweeping movements with my body, I created the composition for Sky Mind. It holds detritus from many artists studios and is primarily a field of paint scraps.

Daniel Buren wrote an essay, Paint Chip about this series of works for this exhibition. The essay was written in French and translated into English and starts on page 7 of the book.

Max Weintraub's essay about the paintings in the exhibition, Danielle Riede: Between Abstraction and Alchemy, can also be seen when clicking the link above. The English text is on page 27. Weintraub is the Director & CEO of the Allentown Art Museum.