Danielle Riede
"Riede’s installations also are sensual and beautiful to behold. To see them is to revel in the pleasures of the senses—color and light, mesmerizing patterns, physical presence, the body inhabiting space—while recognizing that the pleasure is fleeting. For this particular writer, Riede’s installations ultimately are about time— repetition and change, the inexorable passage of time, memory, history, nostalgia, loss. In the space of the moment, Riede’s installations are vividly and pleasurably alive and materially present. Then they vanish, leaving behind pieces of paint and photographic documentation as relics. Don’t despair, Riede urges. The relics are beautiful and poetic. Celebrate them as the remains of past artworks. Add to them. Return to them again and again."

-Jean Robertson, PhD, excerpt from essay "The Elusive Presence of Danielle Riede"